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Custom Ready To Press Sublimation or White Toner Transfers

Custom Ready To Press Sublimation or White Toner Transfers

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This listing is for custom ready-to-press sublimation transfers and full color White Toner transfers.

-$2 per sheet for Sublimation.

-$6 per sheet for White Toner.

-Sublimation does not print white ink.
-We print on 8.5x14 (legal-sized) paper

Please send your designs to
Please indicate the size of each graphic requested in the email with your designs.
We can not print anything larger than 8.25x13. We will adjust the size to fit as large as I can on the sheet without cutting any of the design off.

Please double-check your images before sending them. We will print the exact image you send.
All designs must be in ready-to-print form (Min 300 dpi, .png preferred) No graphic design is included in your purchase. This includes adding images, and texts, or changing colors.
We do work with a number of excellent designers who can help you if you need references.

Please don't send multiples of the same image. If you need multiple of them just tell me in the email with their sizes. I usually can fit up to 8 3x3 sized images on 1 sheet or 6 4x4 sized per sheet for example.

Price is PER PAGE, not per image. So feel free to create a page loaded up on graphics and send me that file, just make sure the whole page is sized no more than 8.5x14 before sending it to me.
Lastly, as a friendly reminder, sublimation does not print white and can not be used on dark items. 

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